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Has anybody been curious about my username? If nobody has yet, then I'm making this post for future reference.I'm unashamedly bored tonight and want to plug this brilliant man's book.

My username is from a book written by a man named Sean Hill. It was named Very Short Stories, consisting of hundreds of stories that conjure up an entire novel in just a sentence of two. It's clever and creative with the stories ranging from a wide variety of topics. My favorite short story can be found in my bio on my user profile. If you don't like to read or are too cheap to buy the book. Sean Hill made his very own twitter for the book where he tweets some of the stories..follow at @veryshortstory.
Almost Famous ➙ PennyLane

A much needed change


I've been on Livejournal for several years now and it's been an enjoyable time. However this a newly made account. I just got so tired of my old account and all the baggage it came with. I'm not the same person I was back then, when I first made my old LJ account. I was a teenager and now I'm in my 20's. My interests and outlook have changed so much since then and probably will continue to change throughout my life. So I wish for good things with this account, no more more fights..just me and my truth.